I'm Kaye. I use my deeply personal journey to speak and write about using the power of a healthy mindset as a tool for ultimate self-care. My goal is to create opportunities to help women focus on changing the way they think about themselves, one thought at a time. In short, I'm on a crusade to get women to know themselves better, love themselves deeper, and accept themselves fully as the foundation for personal growth.  

I learned, sitting on the sofa of my awesome therapist,  that the path of ‘knowing’ leads to the strong foundation needed to show up and shine in life.  Even well-intentioned efforts of digging into self-help books and investing in personal development won’t help if you’re not self-convicted and love yourself.  I learned this the hard way.  It was only after I developed a deep relationship with myself that my life moved in a direction that brought me joy.  I gained the confidence I needed to navigate life in a way that feels good and authentic. And thankfully, I have peace from the burden of shame that kept me stuck for so many years.  

Now I have wings.  I have roots as strong as an oak tree.  And it is because I worked through suppressed trauma, shifted my mindset, and worked my way out of situational anxiety and depression. I fully accept the whole of me.  The wisdom I’ve gained has been hard earned and I am so grateful for my healing.  Personal growth has never felt better.

As I continue to do the work to be the best version of myself, I’m committed to keep the door open for as many women who want to join me.  I’ve witnessed so many women struggle the same struggle as I have experienced. This is why I’ve created platforms to have open and honest conversations about personal growth through mental wellness: It is truly the self-care that keeps us thriving and feeling healthy. 

I'm not looking to give you answers.  I’m starting the conversations to encourage you to resolve the situations that keep you mentally stuck. When all is done, I want to know that you have increased your worth to the most important person in your life - you.

I hope that you'll find something useful here. More importantly, I hope that our journey's cross as a result of it. 

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