Kaye Byrd

The Grow Experience


"No person is free who is not a master of himself," Epictetus.

In our case it's "herself", and that's what Girl Grow experiences are about. They are compassionate workshops focused on inspiring women to invest in getting to know herself so that she's better able to navigate her journey and put strategies in place to actually grow. 

These workshops are a series of conversations and activities that provide a judgement free space for women to explore and develop a healthy mindset around who she is as a person. We dive deep into topics that help peel away layers in the mindset that tend to keep women stuck. Maybe you know what the layers are; Maybe you don't. Either way, these workshops are curated to help women increase her worth to the most important person in her life - her.

Come grow with me.

Check back for the next Grow Experience.  I also love to collaborate so send me a note here.