InspoTini Wednesdays

Hosted by Kaye Byrd. InspoTini Wednesdays is where Inspiration and Martini’s converge. It's cozy and curated with three ounces of inspiration, a half ounce of conversation, a twist of love and a splash of fun. It'll leave you inspired to do that thing you've always wanted to do and be that person you're committed to creating!  

You'll be encouraged to have a better relationship with yourself by nourishing your soul and uncovering the light you need in your life to shine. It's a learning and growing space so come ready to be better. 


Come grow with me! 

What are Girl Grow Chats? Girl Grow Chats are moderated conversations and activities for women that cover topics of getting to know themselves, finding strength in being themselves and fully loving themselves. We also talk about what to do with all these good vibes on the journey to live our best life.

Who should attend Girl Grow Chats? Women on a crusade to improve their lives through self-discovery, self-care and self-love .  Women who are willing to invest in themselves emotionally and be vulnerable in a way that breaks through figurative walls.  Women tired of being stuck and ready to dive deep into topics and issues that tend to weigh us down. Women looking for a tribe as she navigates her journey. If you are reading this, you would benefit!

What are the activities? In every Girl Grow Chat we participate in exercises focused on the topic discussed. They are always fun and high energy. We get a lot of 'aha' moments and do a lot of laughing.

Should you be afraid to share? Absolutely not. The Girl Grow Chats are curated to be safe, non-judgmental spaces.  Women who participate in these chats vibe good energy and want you to succeed just as much as they want to succeed. But it's up to you how much you share. I want you to feel comfortable.

Who moderates? I do. These chats feed my soul.  Don't forget that we should constantly work to be better version of ourselves.  That's why I am as much a part of the group as you are.  But let me toot my horn for a second: I'm really good at moderating these conversations. I've helped so many women open up and realign themselves to get to a better version of herself.  I am magnetic to women who are striving for better because I can intimately relate. I'm compassionate in my approach and this energy shows through my involvement in the Girl Chats.  This is truly my heart work.

How are the Girl Grow Chats different from every other conference or workshop you've been to?  I'd love to hear what you have to say after you've experienced a Girl Grow Chat. Until then, I will say that my goal is not to give you a list of things to do and send you off with an inspirational quote.  The chats are designed to help you find the path that's going to get you to the better you. It's on you to do the work to focus on clearing the mind and emotional clutter from your path in order to move forward.  I  will be there in support, to encourage, and to offer resources.

Is there a cost?  Yes. A nominal charge covers costs.  But don't worry, you will get so much more out of these chats than you put in for the charge - I promise.  Eventbrite is used for scheduling the chats and the costs is usually around $30, which includes fees.

When is the next event? Girl Grow Chats take place every quarter in different locations in metro Detroit.  As mentioned, I keep the chats intimate so if you'd like to be the first to know drop me a note here.  When a chat is scheduled I'lI email a link to the Eventbrite. I will also announce upcoming chats on instagram.

Now, I have a question for you:

Will you join us?